This blog is a long overdue project to document my journey on “human nature vs. nurture”.

Ten years ago (2007) I ventured abroad for high school. For the first time I discovered I was very ‘Chinese’. Since then, in search of how nature and nurture/culture affect a person, society or nation, I delved into culture, assumptions and models of human behaviour, political philosophy, ethics, religion, kinship, Chinese Classics, consumer psychology, and eventually, Maria Montessori. I’d like to think that enlightenment comes in spirals or zig-zags, that one must explore broadly and revisit repeatedly. The path upwards is a rainbow — a most vibrant spectrum.

This blog is centered around Montessori thought and education, for that is where I stand today. I am AMI certified at the Casa dei Bambini level (2.5-6), and my young children provide everyday inspiration. While I constantly read beyond this discipline, it takes time for the blogging to catch up!

I thank you for supporting my pursuits through your readership.


Ann Kay

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